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Game News

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Don’t retreat from the game. Instead, defeat the enemy with the breathtaking design of your game news website!

This month we deliver a wonderful Joomla news template dedicated to game lovers everywhere! If you are seeking a unique look for your Joomla website, look no further - use the GameNews template and make an impression.

Are you considering how you might build a news website? Check out one of the best Joomla game templates out there! Simplify your work, and present news and reviews with ease. Your job is made much easier through use of our amazing free Joomla modules: News Show Pro GK4, Tabs GK5 and K2, all of which are supported in this gaming website template!

This latest product features native support for Responsive Web Design, making this already powerful Joomla template even more special. As if that wasn't enough, we've even implemented new elements and icons in this template.

In addition to all of the above, we've added a top bar similar to the one seen on the GavickPro homepage. This was in response to the many queries we've received from our to have this implemented. So, added specially for you, here it is!

So, go for it: create that dazzling Web project you've been dreaming of and make it a success based upon this wonderful game themed template for Joomla!

Official site: www.gavick.com

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