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Joomla Blog Template inspired by Metro Windows 8 UI
 Come out of the shadow, present your online identity by creating your blog or other personal website with Magazine Joomla template!

It catches visitors attention by its simplicity and, at the same time, advanced and sophisticated look.

 Your blog can be unique thanks to this Joomla! template that has Responsive Web Design support and tile-like interface use; inspired by Windows 8. Metro style makes this Joomla template a desirable product as it displays perfectly on Windows tablets and other mobile devices.

 Is unimaginable how easy a website's navigation can be! With this Joomla template it really is! Clickable tiles look not only attractive and stylish but they are also extremely useful!


 The template also uses the following extensions: K2, News Show Pro GK4 prepared with special modes and Tabs GK5. Content management on your website is easier as never before. It is done thanks to GavickPro products, their possibilities and improvements implemented.

 Still considering what to do? Make up your mind and click "buy now" button. It's so easy...

Official site: www.gavick.com

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