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Sabayon Linux este un live DVD conceput pentru a transforma un calculator, într-un puternic sistem Gentoo Linux în mai puţin de 5 minute. Gentoo Linux este o distribuţie Linux propulsată de un manager de instalare software-ul numit "Portage". Pe lângă funcţionarea ca un live DVD, Sabayon Linux poate fi instalat și pe un hard disk, fiind eficient și usor de folosit, asemănător Gentoo. Live DVD  include o gamă largă de medii pentru birou şi aplicaţiile software open source, cum ar fi KDE, GNOME, Xfce, Fluxbox, KOffice,, FreeNX, amaroK, Kaffeine, etc.

Developer: Sabayon
Languages: English
Platforms: Intel compatible

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  • Wimpie

    I decided to try ubtunu based on comments I saw on slashdot. The first step was to browse around on the sites where I would seek advice if I needed it, to confirm that there are helpful users of this distribution who would likely assist. Then I used the live cd to confirm that my hardware would work OK.However, I never could get ubtunu installed without destroying my XP partition. So I tried Mepis, tested a live cd, installed it with minimal difficulty, got help as needed from the mepislovers site (linuxquestions is also useful). I now dual-boot without difficulty (though my use of XP is infrequent.)

    posted by Wimpie Marți, 20 Noiembrie 2012 14:35 Comment Link
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