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AbulÉdu este o distribuţie Linux de origine franceză, concepută special pentru prelucrarea datelor în unităţile de învăţământ. Iniţial a fost bazată pe Mandrake Linux, dar cele mai recente versiuni sunt bazate pe Debian GNU / Linux şi KNOPPIX.

Developer: AbulÉdu project
Languages: French
Platforms: Intel compatible
Download: www.abuledu.org

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  • Joseph

    If you have a low-end system, I srgnotly recommend that you do NOT browse the internet, or listen to music or IM while burning your CD infact I suggest you start burning the CD then walk away and come back in 10 minutes as it may cause buffer under-run which renders the CD useless.

    posted by Joseph Vineri, 30 Noiembrie 2012 10:34 Comment Link
  • Zeynep

    This is a very nice book for novice unix users. This book put evyhntrieg in perspective/context. It starts with a short history of Linux/Unix/GNU and the relation between each other. It is also a very complete book. It covers the main commands, editors, shell programming, et. cetera.The nice thing (especially for novice people), is that there are a lot of examples with a description what it does. The examples are very usable. Because a lot of examples use multiple commands this book can also been seen as a cookbook how you can do certain task using e.g. the command line interface. So this book is not one big printed man pages (a lot of other books are). One little disadvantage is that this book need some updating. E.g. CVS is covered but the emerging Subversion not. Maybe it is a good idea to cover also subversion in the next edition.

    posted by Zeynep Miercuri, 28 Noiembrie 2012 22:14 Comment Link
  • Rohayati

    For some people kniwnog how to do something through a graphical interface is akin to kniwnog how to drive without kniwnog how an engine, transmission, etc. work together to make the car run. For them kniwnog how to get down to the command line and get things done that either the graphical interface does not allow or does not do the way you want it done is a matter of pride and represents the dividing line between a user and a power user. If you want to become a real Linux guru and know how to work the command line to do whatever you want including commands, editing, shell programming, and scripting this is one of the better books available. Readable, straight-forward, educational, it is a one-of-kind reference that blends the educational aspect of a typical book on learning Linux with a typical book of command line references. A Practical Guide to Linux is highly recommended.

    posted by Rohayati Miercuri, 28 Noiembrie 2012 18:52 Comment Link
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